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Admin Console documentation

  1. http://FAQ.IIAB.IO — How do I customize my Internet-in-a-Box home page?
  2. — HOW-TO videos
  3. — Dynamic Menuing reference doc
  4. — "Add Content" reference docs (older)
  5. — Help pages (in pre-rendered form)


GUI (Admin Console) to configure iiab and install content


Catalogs with metadata

available zims - kiwix library.xml kiwixCatalog installed zims - local library.xml installedZimCatalog.INSTALLED zims on usb - externalDeviceContents[usb].zim_modules zims on selected usb - externalZimCatalog = copy of zims from externalDeviceContents[selected usb].zim_modules download and copy scheduled zims - cmdsrv zims_wip installedZimCatalog.WIP zims on usb - usb library.xml externalZimCatalog = copy of zims from externalDeviceContents[selected usb].zim_modules

oer2go modules available - download from oer2go oer2goCatalog oer2go modules installed - same (assumes items remain in catalog) oer2go modules on usb - same (also assumes iiab's catalog is up to date [might not be true]) oer2goWip - download and copy scheduled externalDeviceContents[dev].zim_modules externalDeviceContents[dev].oer2go_modules [what about modules subdirectories not in catalog, i.e. just copied there by someone?]

Lists which index into catalogs

manContSelections.internal.zims manContSelections.internal.modules manContSelections[dev].sum manContSelections[dev].zims manContSelections[dev].modules