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<!-- For -- usable in version subdirectories too -->
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<a href=>Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB)</a> 8.0 pre-releases are thoroughly tested, and can be installed from this page! Please read our DRAFT <a href="">IIAB 8.0 Release Notes</a>.
<i>To install IIAB 8.0 onto <a href="">Raspberry Pi OS</a>, <a href="">Ubuntu 20.04+</a>, <a href="">Linux Mint 20</a> or <a href="">Debian 11+</a>, simply run this 1-line installer:</i>
<center><big><b><mark>curl | sudo bash</mark></b></big></center>
<!--OS TIPS & TRICKS: click the above link (that ends in .txt) for important recommendations on how to PREPARE & SECURE YOUR OS. <p>-->
On a Raspberry Pi, <a href="">WE RECOMMEND YOU INSTALL THE LATEST RASPBERRY PI OS (32-bit OR 64-bit)</a>, using their <a href="">detailed instructions</a> if necessary. WARNING: THE NOOBS OS IS *NOT* SUPPORTED, as its partitioning is very different. To attempt an IIAB install onto a <a href=>non-supported Linux distribution</a> (AT YOUR OWN RISK) see also the <a href="">manual/legacy instructions</a>.
<i>An Ethernet cable is highly recommended during installation.</i> This is not only more reliable, but also allows an internal IIAB hotspot to be set up without confusion. WARNING: IF YOU CONNECT YOUR IIAB'S INTERNAL WIFI TO THE INTERNET OVER 5 GHz, YOU'LL PREVENT OLDER LAPTOPS/PHONES/TABLETS (WHICH REQUIRE 2.4 GHz) FROM CONNECTING TO YOUR IIAB'S INTERNAL HOTSPOT. For AP+STA mode, set "wifi_up_down: True" in <a href="">/etc/iiab/local_vars.yml</a> (<a href="">example</a>).<!-- If however you must install over Wi-Fi, remember to run "iiab-hotspot-on" after IIAB installation, TO ACTIVATE YOUR RASPBERRY PI's INTERNAL WIFI HOTSPOT (thereby killing Internet connectivity!)-->
<center><b>Thanks For Building Your Own Library To Serve One & All</b></center>
Please <a href=>contact us</a> if you find issues, Thank You! Special Thanks to the countries + communities + volunteers working non-stop to bring about <a href="">IIAB 8.0</a> !
IIAB Dev Team
<a href="">http://FAQ.IIAB.IO</a>