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Konrad Dzwinel 9c3b302197
Merge pull request #34 from duckduckgo/konrad/cname-fix
7 months ago
data remove old algo 4 years ago
data-scripts update tosdr script to add new scores 4 years ago
grade-scripts remove old comment 4 years ago
src typo 7 months ago
test update redirectUrl tests 4 years ago
.eslintrc add linting 4 years ago
.gitignore avoid adding random files when running npm release 4 years ago
.travis.yml add linting to CI 4 years ago
Gruntfile.js add polisis processing to gruntfile 4 years ago
LICENSE Update LICENSE 4 years ago tweak description, add basic README 4 years ago
index.js export name 3 years ago
karma.conf.js port grade class tests from the extension 4 years ago
package-lock.json Update package version. 7 months ago
package.json Update package version. 7 months ago