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OpenAddresses CLI & Lib

Javascript Library and CLI for the OpenAddresses API

General Usage


JS Library

npm add '@openaddresses/lib'


npm add --global @openaddresses/lib


Note: if the username & password is not explicitly set, OA will fallback to checking for a OA_USERNAME & OA_PASSWORD environment variable. For the url parameter, be sure to include the protocol and (if necessary) port number.

Alternatively an API token can be provided via a OA_TOKEN environment variable, or the server secret via the OA_SECRET variable.

JS Library

import OA from '@openaddresses/lib';

const oa = new OA({
    username: 'ingalls',
    password: 'yeaheh',
    url: '',


The CLI tool must be provided the URL to connect to for each subcommand. This can be accomplished by providing the URL to a local or remote OA server. Be sure to include the protocol and, for local connections, the port number.

# Connecting to a remote oa server
./cli.js --url ''
# Connecting to a local oa dev server
./cli.js --url 'http://localhost:5000'